Online CROSSDRO meeting 21 September 2020

The CROSSDRO team has had an online meeting to talk about the advances in the different tasks of the project and to propose new synergies among partners.

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CROSSDRO kick-off meeting presentations

The CROSSDRO kick-off meeting took place the 27th-28th January 2020 in Bălți (Moldova)

Overview of the project, objectives and workplan (Sergio Vicente)

Elbe basin (Tobias Conradt)

Prut basin (Boris Boincean)

Boyne basin (Conor Murphy)

Aragon basin (Juan I. López)

Remote sensing data availability (types, temporal/spatial resolution/frequency and products) (Lars Eklundh)

WP1 Management (Juan I. López)

WP2 Cross-sectoral drought impacts at the basin scale (Sergio Vicente)

WP3 Market and non-market models for risk evaluation (Begoña Álvarez)

WP4 Upscaled drought risks to the European level (water resources, forestry and agriculture) (Lars Eklundh – Sergio Vicente)

WP5 Scenarios of drought risk and impacts under climate change scenarios (Tobias Conradt)

WP6 Stakeholder engagement, dissemination and capacity building (Sam Grainger and Conor Murphy)

Calendar discussion and work organisation: List of deliverables (Sergio Vicente)

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CROSSDRO Kick-Off meeting

CROSSDRO Kick-Off meeting will be held on 27th-28th January in Bălți (Moldova)

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